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cabs medical beulife lightening cream for sensitive areas beulife lightening cream for sensitive areas

Beulife Lightening Cream For Sensitive Areas

Changings of color and darkenings occur on armpit and external genital areas because of epilation,burnt sugar,shaving and applications like these and some cases such as sunlights,aging,taking medicine,pregnancy.Beulife Lightening Cream For Sensitive Areas prevents browning of applied area by inhibition of melanin synthesis and in addition, due to its special contents, it lightens to applied areas, whitens, provides a shiny apprearance, prevents irritation and works as a anti-oxidant.At the same time,it achieves smoothness on the skin surface while it facilitates to collagen synthesis and it destroys the feeling of dryness through intensive moisturuzers in its ingredients.pH level of product is compatible with pH level of genital area.

Usage Areas : Armpit and external genital areas

Usage : Apply twice a day ( in the morning and evening ) on problematic areas.

Usage Period : You can continue to the product until obtaining of desired result.You can prevent formation of color imbalance by using of periodic cures.

Recommends for a more effective result : Area - Beulife Lightening Cream For Sensitive Areas will be applied on - must be cleaned a dried.

Warnings :
- For external use only.
- Avoid contact with eyes.
- Don't apply into the body,burns and an open wounds.
- Store in a cool,dry place and keep out of reach of children.
- Keep closed to its package when not in use.
-Patients with thyroid must consult to their physicians before using, because of seaweed (in ingredients ) contains iodine.
- For pregnant and lactating women, it is recommended that they must consult their physicians before using.
- Using of this product is not recommended to persons who are allergic to any of active ingredients of product.
- Expiry date and batch number are on the bottle.

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